The World’s Troubles – Are you to blame?

Loosely speaking, the answer may be yes!

We live in a world dominated by bad news. We cannot easily get away from it, it’s on our Social Media, televisions, news feeds, phones, everywhere we turn we see the latest terror attack, war victims, disaster etc. It is force fed to us one way or another. Then is becomes part of our everyday discussions, “did you hear about….?” “have you seen….?” and the like.
We become negative about the general state of the world thinking of everything from Global Warming (climate change) to the state of the younger generation.

We know this has a negative impact on our own minds and lives, but does it have much wider reaching implications? Are the bad thoughts of everyone collectively damaging the world around us.
Evidence in small studies and experiments point to that being true.

I used to watch Mythbusters regularly, and one experiment sticks in my mind. They set up three greenhouses with tomato plants. One was a control with no music. One had speakers blasting the plants with loud abusive heavy metal music. The other had speakers playing nice, soothing, pleasant music. All other factors were identical, sunlight, water, temperature etc.
The control plants grew quite normal, the plants with the heavy metal were stunted and withered, and the plants with the soothing music flourished.

Another experiment was conducted by a researcher in Japan. Dr Emoto placed portions of cooked rice into two containers. on one he wrote a label “You Fool” and on the other he wrote “Thank You”. He kept them in a school and instructed children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by. After 30 days, the rice in the container with “Thank You” had barely changed, while the other was mouldy and rotten.

People around the world have set up groups where people of like minds get together and meditate and push positive thoughts out. Many of these areas have noticed a drop in crime and a rise in prosperity over the course of a year.

If these things can be done with small experiments, then what could almost 7bn people collectively do to the world with a bit of positivity.
We need to have a complete change in the way we think. Instead of concentrating on how to stop war, think more on how to achieve peace. Think of how to increase prosperity instead of stopping poverty. We still look at the same problems, but from a positive angle instead of a negative one.

And what can you do as an individual? Easy! Turn off the news. Unfollow anything on social networks that broadcast doom and gloom. Stop discussing bad news and happenings in the workplace or in the pub. Subscribe to some of the “happy news” newsfeeds. We can all make a small difference, and collectively make bigger differences.

And as ever, have fun and enjoy yourselves

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