Save the NHS

The NHS is currently in crisis, but there are ways to help that are being totally ignored. Money is being wasted unnecessarily on treatment and drugs where the problem could be resolved much quicker. Old pain, Chronic issues and illnesses that have been dealt with no longer need to cause pain and discomfort. Pain is a message to alert the person to an issue. You wouldn’t keep an unwanted message on an answerphone, so why keep it in the mind.
Myself and several others around the UK have a unique method of treatment where we “talk” directly with the unconscious mind and make an agreement to delete that message. It only removes messages that are already dealt with, leaving space for any new problems to show. So a person with back problems can have that message removed, and if they had another issue, for example kidney problems, it would not be masked by the old messages.
I have successfully used this method on sufferers of arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and joint problems, post thrombotic syndrome, plantar fasciitis and more, as well as a myriad of emotional pains.
The process takes between 5 and 30 minutes and can be carried out in person or by telephone. It is safe and permanent, removing the need for painkillers and ongoing treatment.
Comments from past clients include:
“For the first time in as long as I can remember I am pain free! I have just had a session and had all pain removed even severe pain from plantar fasciitis which had left me limping everywhere. I was skeptical but I urge anybody to give it a try. Nothing to loose! Thanks Martin” – Martyn Bonner-Hood
“Found Martin by chance, a Facebook post popped out of my screen and grabbed my attention. I was given a diagnosis of a neurological disorder in 2008. The specialist got excited and tried to prescribe drugs which goes against everything I am about. So. For 8 years. Physiotherapy and hospital visits. Martin came to my home, 40 minutes later, no pain and a new found energy. I am not easily impressed so take my word: Martin gets straight to the point. Thanks” -David UndaKuva Francis
“Omg just had the amazing Martin Rothery for pain relief having had lower back pain since before xmas and physio fortnightly tday is the first day I have been pain free thankyou martin can certainly recommend this gentleman” – Dawn Athey

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