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Inner Journeys for young adults

The mental wellbeing of children and young adults has become a recognised factor recently, with as much concern place on a young person’s mental health as their physical health. More and more schools are turning towards activities based around mindfulness and meditation to help their pupils deal with issues, and to give them time to... Read more →

Mind Yoga

Are you trying to lose weight, motivate yourself to exercise, or just generally improve your health? It’s all ok making a conscious decision to do this, but you have an internal conflict. Your subconscious mind is following the blueprints and planning from your entire life’s experiences and learnings. If you eat out of boredom, comfort,... Read more →

New thinking for the Corporate World

Do you waste money on advisors? Does your planning not go to plan? Do you want to better perform in your business? If the answer to any of these was yes, there is a better way! Through using tried and tested methods I can teach you how to make the most of your potential and... Read more →

Blueprints of the mind

Chronic pain, anxiety, phobias, habits and other issues many people face are all actions of the subconscious mind. They are often effects of blueprints laid into the subconscious mind at an early age, before a persons critical faculty developed. The critical faculty is the part of your mind that analyses everything and protects the blueprints... Read more →