Mind Yoga

Are you trying to lose weight, motivate yourself to exercise, or just generally improve your health?

It’s all ok making a conscious decision to do this, but you have an internal conflict. Your subconscious mind is following the blueprints and planning from your entire life’s experiences and learnings.

If you eat out of boredom, comfort, or it makes you feel loved, these are seeds planted in your childhood. If you ever heard the phrase “Clear your plate and Mummy and Daddy will love you” or “oh you’ve hurt yourself, have a biscuit to make you feel better” or anything similar, it has the same effect as hearing your favourite holiday song and getting the flood of good emotions.

But there is good news!

Those inner blueprints can be changed!

As an individual, you could have a one on one hypnotherapy session to have those blueprints overridden. Whilst highly effective, it can cost more than you may be happy to spend. As a group the dynamics change as everyone’s needs are different.

But you have the tools, resources and knowledge locked up inside to resolve this.

I offer a unique experience where as a group you can work on your own individual solutions inside your own mind. My hypnotic journey, or “yoga for the mind” session lets you access the resources from an entire life of listening, watching and living. You can find your own answers, resolve your own issues, and generally better yourself without anyone telling you what to do.

You don’t even need to know what the issue is, your wonderful, creative subconscious will do all the work for you. You just get to relax and enjoy the experience, and experience of profound inner peace and tranquillity.

If you are interested in Yoga for the Mind contact your group leader to book.


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