Inner Journeys for young adults

The mental wellbeing of children and young adults has become a recognised factor recently, with as much concern place on a young person’s mental health as their physical health.

More and more schools are turning towards activities based around mindfulness and meditation to help their pupils deal with issues, and to give them time to reflect on their thoughts and feelings.

However, this can be a difficult process to implement, a lack of knowledgeable practitioners, and budgetary constraints can put pressure upon the school. The young adults are at different stages of their lives, have different background and have different issues. The typical solution may be involving one to one sessions with the pupils that need it the most and many being left out. Group activities can become disruptive due to the differences between the pupils.

I have developed a process of working with a group of people, where the dynamics of the group are irrelevant. Each participant can enjoy the reflective meditation in his or her own way, focus on their own issues without having to discuss them with anyone else, and even resolve issues they were not even fully aware of yet.

The process is called Inner Journeys, and works equally well with 1 or 500 people. Inner Journeys also promote creativity, imagination and problem solving skills, and equip the participant with mental tools and resources to deal with future issues.

My sessions are extremely dynamic, each person will experience it differently, and if they have more than one session, it will be different every time.

If you would like to know more about Inner Journeys, or would like to book a free sample session, please call me on 07805 505487 or email me at [email protected]

Kind Regards

Martin Rothery

Inner Journeys Architect


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