Group Sessions

"Group hypnosis works in a variety of ways, allowing people to come together with a common goal, but enjoy totally individual experiences"

Group Hynotic Journey

How would you like to go on the ultimate journey. Inside yourself! Exploring your own fantastic, creative subconscious mind. Book one of my hypnotic journeys, where you can be the hero (or villain) and immerse yourself completely in the story. Enjoy a short single session story, or take it over several weeks to make an epic tale! Relive your favourite stories as a main character, or as a bystander. Available as a private session or group (2-500 people)

Pain Elimination

If you belong to a group sharing similar afflictions, and feel more comfortable working within the group, we can offer sessions as a group to resolve pain and discomfort, covering physical and emotional pain. I work with groups covering Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, ME, Anxiety, and more

Group Smoking Cessation

If you want to give up smoking, but the idea of doing it on your own is daunting, then I offer group smoking cessation programs.

Weight Loss

Do you struggle with your weight? If you are in a group of likeminded people, I offer group sessions to resolve bad eating habits, encourage physical activity and help you with the chances of losing those extra pounds permanently.

Other group work includes Motivation, Brainstorming, Problem solving, Meditation, and Law of Attraction.