For Business

You have probably heard how people go to hypnotists to resolve issues, give up smoking, clear phobias and the like. Have you ever considered how it can be used within the corporate world?

- On a personal level, you can gain that inner clarity and conviction to do the right thing to pursue your career or advancement.

-take a trip into your own subconscious as an individual or as a group to find answers to those niggling problems that are blocking your path

-For Sales and Marketing, a basic course in conversational hypnosis would be invaluable. Train your staff how to use hypnotic language to facilitate their sales exponentially. 

-Group sessions for stress, mindfulness and anxiety release will improve the mindset and health of employees resulting in a happy workplace and higher productivity.

-Pain release (physical and emotional) can get injured employees back to work quicker, reducing costs of sick pay, and temporary staffing. 

-Even training can be delivered faster and more effectively with a hypnotic element being added

-And for moral, offering your staff the opportunity to have personal sessions to stop smoking, release phobias or deal with any other issues would be a great "perk of the job" 

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you with any of this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.